Rubber City Comics - Comic Book Pull List & Special Order Form

Never miss an issue of your favorite comics! Rubber City Comics offers a FREE Pull List subscription service where we pull the comic book titles you want each month and save them in your file! Plus save 10% off of your purchases when you become a subscriber. Or, join our TEAM 25 program and get 25% off of all your purchases store-wide plus other goodies. Ask our staff when you are in to visit the shop.

Want to know more? Watch this video for all the details. If you are ready to subscribe, send us your information below! It's that simple. You can also make changes to your current subscriptions.

We require a minimum of FIVE titles on a Pull List. Enter the comics book titles you want each month or make changes to your current Pull List (you must pick up your order at least once a month to maintain your subscription and discount). Please also list any special order items here. *

Please let us know if want to...

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3. SPECIAL ORDER items(s)