About Us

A story of 2 brothers who always collected comics weekly anywhere we could find them including the local convenient store and Quaker Square in Akron Ohio which would later turn into Rubber City Comics. As they grew up both enjoyed comics and collecting. One brother opened his first Comic Book Store, Big Buddah's Comics and Collectibles in Green Ohio while the other helped run it while going to the University of Akron. Once one brother graduated college, they professionally went in 2 very different directions.

The first brother continued to own and run his comic book store while the other spent his time in sales and consulting. The first brother grew into 2 Comic Books Stores even purchasing Rubber City Comics in Akron Ohio the very store they used to purchase their comics from 40 plus years ago. He now owns Stuff Genie Comics and Collectibles in Barberton, Ohio, Rubber City Comics in Akron, Ohio and the Akron Comic Con with his partner Dan Gorman, a famous local artist. The second brother always missed the comic business while enjoying his brothers many comic outlets.

Twenty five years have past since they worked together in their first comic book store. We have created RCCExclusives, Bringing You the Coolest Comics We Can Find. Come with us and enjoy the ride as we grow and bring you comics we think you will love as much as we do. Thanks for the support!!!

Jason and Jarod Miller